Upwind sails

A sail comprises several characteristics, which can be categorized into four fundamental attributes: size, shape, style, and specifications. These elements collectively determine the construction of a sail.

The size aspect involves the two-dimensional components such as luff, leech, foot measurements, and the application of roach to the sail’s leech, whether it’s positive or negative.

Shape, also known as Camber, defines the aerodynamic profile within the basic dimensions of a sail. Our R&D team devotes significant time to fine-tune the sails based on rigging geometry, specifications, and the sailor’s style.

In the sailmaking industry, the term “Style” refers to the material used in constructing a sail. Impulsion Sails selects the appropriate style from renowned sailcloth suppliers like Dimension-Polyant, Contender Sailcloth, and Challenge Sailcloth, ranging from traditional woven Polyester (Dacron) to various laminates and composites.

Details play a crucial role, distinguishing meticulously tailored sails from off-the-shelf solutions. We have compiled a comprehensive list of features outlining the specific construction details for each sail – these are the “Specifications.”


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Impulsion Sails’ upwind sails, whether made of popular (Dacron©) material or advanced laminates and composites, are designed to provide maximum control and optimal upwind performance. The chosen materials and sail shape also influence the sail’s range before furling or reefing becomes necessary, impacting the handling systems.

With Impulsion Sails’ extensive range of premium materials and cutting-edge design technologies, every upwind sail is crafted to fulfill its purpose:

  • Suit your boat size and rigging dimensions.
  • Align with your budget.
  • Complement your sailing style.
  • Meet your shape and longevity requirements.