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Impulsion Sails is a B2B/B2C sailmaker company based in Monastir - Tunisia

Impulsion Sails B2C vision aims to grant sailors around the world a direct access to sailing solutions, without the need to deal with third party actors. No matter where you are, you can deal with us straightforward, as simple as that!

Our strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea, combined with our 800 square meters loft, fully equipped with heavy duty machinery, are a key asset for successful partnerships with our B2B clients in Europe and around the world. Our B2B clients can rely on us to have their orders processed and delivered on sharp deadlines.

Since we are located in Tunisia, an important gateway to Mediterranean Sea, and close to Monastir Marina and Kantaoui Marina, we give a special attention to our local market and sailors cruising Tunisia.

At Impulsion Sails, it is our mission to design and build the right sails for your boat according to your sailing style. Each sail we manufacture incorporates every aspect of the boat and each order is completely customized with the sailor in mind.

We understand that your sails are an important investment and therefore need to be made to last. With that perspective in mind, we have partnered with the world leading sailcloth suppliers: Dimension-Polyant, Contender Sailcloth and Challenge Sailcloth.

Getting the right sail for your boat is part science, and part knowing what’s best for you. That’s why when you request a quote from Impulsion Sails, we personally measure your boat physically. In the case we can’t physically do the job, we have implemented a complete solution that allows us to measure your boat remotely. Doing so allows us to take full responsibility for the measurements and enables us to design your sails according to your sailing requirements, rigging, and budget. When we’re done, you will have a set of sails that will do exactly what you need out on the water – whether it’s for cruising or for racing.

The sailcloth is plotted and cut by our 15 minutes away contractor in Monastir – Tunisia and delivered to our loft the same day for assembling and sewing by our team. Our heavy machinery and craftsmanship allow us to stay in control of the whole process and keep a close eye on production quality. With our team’s extensive experience and careful attention to details, Impulsion Sails is ideally placed to design and make your next set of sails.

Impulsion Sails range of cruising sails and accessories are designed for sailors who strive for that ultimate combination of performance, durability and aesthetics. Our range of products covers every use and budget including woven cross-cut and tri-radial paneled sails. All sails, regardless of the construction type, are customized to suit each boat and each owner’s requirements by incorporating the highest quality components in order to guarantee the maximum level of performance and durability over time.

Impulsion Sails’ promise to the cruising sailor has been to make sailing more enjoyable and more affordable. Whether cruising in local waters or adventuring afar, we have the right sail solution for you. Moreover, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers through our excellent service!


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Our clients say

We bought a full set of sails from Impulsion Sails - Tunisia.They delivered before the due date with great customer service. When first installed there was one small change needed and the sail was taken, changed and delivered back the same day. We went for the day to their impressive sail loft. They have the same machines you will find in top European lofts using quality cloth and thread. After 6 weeks sailing the Med with the new sail we are very happy. We did not think we would find such a professional sail making company in Monastir, Tunisia. Well done Impulsion Sails. You are world class.
What a chance to have crossed roads with Impulsion Sails! Their attention to customer service and the focus on our needs immediately won us over. Despite our concern about working remotely, the service set up by Rabii and his teams allowed us to quickly receive our full set of sails, compliant and of a superb quality and finish. I wish you the same experience. Fair winds!
We requested the services of Impulsion Sails through a Franco-Tunisian friend to first make a sprayhood. Price, deadlines, quality respected. Having been very satisfied with this first experience, we also had the bimini, the mainsail and the lasy-bag made. We highly recommend, moreover we will soon be ordering a genoa from them.
The sails are a perfect fit, they look fantastic. This coming weekend I am planning on taking the boat out and doing sea trials. Again, first class work by your team. Please let them know it is appreciated and recognized.
We had Impulsion Sails clean and repair both our main and our head sail. They were very professional and timely, Rabii and the crew were easy to work with, very informative, and friendly. We were happy to have a tour of their loft and were very happy with the entire experience. They kept us informed of progress and their workmanship is excellent. They have definitely earned our repeat business and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
Your storm Opti is a product you can sell very well, the boom never hits the head, many sailing clubs invest in helmets while the solution is easy. We recruited a lot of children thanks to the sails. Usually during the summer, when it's too windy, we don't sail, but now, it is "safe" and the boat does not list because the sail is low. The kids have enjoyed. It's great! keep it up!
Impulsion Sails did an excellent job on replacing the corner webbings for my in mast furling mainsail, Genoa, and Reacher on my Fountaine Pajot Bahia 46 catamaran. Price was awesome and service was done on time.
Congratulations to Impulsion Sails team. Human warmth in face-to-face and telephone contacts. Excellent technical approach to projects submitted for completion. Availability, courtesy and attention are the dominant traits of their customer service. We feel their clear desire to satisfy the customer. And the result is: quality of the materials and seriousness of the production. Great adjustments to the awnings. My satisfaction with Impulsion Sails is total and I highly recommend this friendly and extremely efficient company.
Jean Pierre Matière
Impulsion is for us a 5 star brand !! We had a Bimini, a Sprayhood, and a Mainsail made at their loft, and after a sailing season we are really satisfied. The team is really great, always there and available when needed, and on top of that they are so nice. Their materials are really top notch, and thanks to their seriousness and professionalism, we now have equipment on which we will be able to count for a long time. We will obviously think of Impulsion when we need it. Do not hesitate you will not be disappointed.