Black Friday 2022

This is the third time we do it, and we kinda like it! Lots of our clients have enjoyed our special prices during last year’s Black Friday promotion. So we decided to make it happen again: 20% off on all our Dacron sails in Crosscut panels design until November 30th, 2022. The clock is ticking! Tik.. Tok..

Here is a brief description of this promotion process :
– After you submit the quotation request form, we will send you a quotation according to the details you provided.
– After you validate the quote and express you willingness to proceed with the order, we will plan a video call over WhatsApp to remotely measure your boat’s rigging (we have implemented a remote process that makes it easily doable by everyone). Those measurements will be used to update your initial quote (if needed) and will also be used to produce your new sails.
– Once the quotation is updated and validated by you, you will be invited to make full payment before the expiry date of the offer (November 30, 2022).
– Your sails will be shipped to the country mentioned in the quotation you have already validated. We won’t be able to to ship them anywhere else.
– We will start manufacturing confirmed Black Friday Orders by the beginning of January 2023. Deliveries can be expected between January 2023 and April 2023.
– This offer is available worldwide except for Tunisia.

.You can reach out to us using the contact form, or by WhatsApp, just click on the below phone number.

Please choose the preferred language you want to communicate in.