About Impulsion sails

At Impulsion Sails, it is our mission to design and build the right sails for your boat according to your sailing style. Each sail we manufacture incorporates every aspect of the boat and each order is completely customized with the sailor in mind.

We understand that your sails are an important investment and therefore need to be made to last. With that perspective in mind, we have partnered with the world leading sailcloth suppliers: Dimension-Polyant, Contender Sailcloth and Challenge Sailcloth.

Getting the right sail for your boat is part science, and part knowing what’s best for you. That’s why when you request a quote from Impulsion Sails, we personally measure your boat physically. In the case we can’t physically do the job, we have implemented a complete solution that allows us to measure your boat remotely. Doing so allows us to take full responsibility for the measurements and enables us to design your sails according to your sailing requirements, rigging, and budget. When we’re done, you will have a set of sails that will do exactly what you need out on the water – whether it’s for cruising or for racing.

The sailcloth is plotted and cut by our 15 minutes away contractor in Monastir – Tunisia and delivered to our loft the same day for assembling and sewing by our team. Our heavy machinery and craftsmanship allow us to stay in control of the whole process and keep a close eye on production quality. With our team’s extensive experience and careful attention to details, Impulsion Sails is ideally placed to design and make your next set of sails.

Impulsion Sails range of cruising sails and accessories are designed for sailors who strive for that ultimate combination of performance, durability and aesthetics. Our range of products covers every use and budget including woven cross-cut and tri-radial paneled sails. All sails, regardless of the construction type, are customized to suit each boat and each owner’s requirements by incorporating the highest quality components in order to guarantee the maximum level of performance and durability over time.

Impulsion Sails’ promise to the cruising sailor has been to make sailing more enjoyable and more affordable. Whether cruising in local waters or adventuring afar, we have the right sail solution for you. Moreover, we pride ourselves on building long-lasting relationships with our customers through our excellent service!

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